A sculptural show

Shapeshifter 2016

Strange Fruit Donna Turtle Sarten

It's A Girl - Birth to Old Age Mia Hamilton

Elements Trevor Nathan

Bad Kids Sam Duckor-Jones

Dancing Taniwha Albert McCarthy

Dawn Chorus: Sound Wave Snap Shot Kirsty Gardiner

The Bett Bomb Rebecca Rose

Ring My Bell Nick Duval-Smith

US Claire Sadler

Mataora & Niwareka Brett Keno

Who Knows, Mother Knows, He Knows, She Knows Anna Jenkins

The Book Jonathon Campbell

False Sycamore David Carson

The Haast Eagle Jack Marsden-Mayer

Order Within Chaos Steve Molloy

Flag Stones David McGill

Native Vessel Trish Clarke

White Trash Liz Sharek

Stealing the luck of George Stubbs Cat Auburn

To Reinvent an Icon Robert Rapson

Parihaka Feather Brett Rangitaawa

Belonging / The Expedition / The Collector Juliet Novena Sorrel

I Built A Fortress Mia Hamilton

1M2 Jane Armour

Lament of the Albatross Tanya Ashken

Water Bowls Jenny McLeod

Reflections of a Landscape - Mia Hamilton

Security Secured Russell Beck

The Hand of Man Carrie Burke

3 Chairs / Emergence Exit Duncan Sargent

Rapax Jonathon Campbell

Barrel O Fun Trish Clarke

Claude, Elemoon, Karjah Shivaun Hogan

Flying Ties Graeme D. Hitchcock

Big Daddy Judith Le Harivel

Vela Ray Haydon

Anchor Stone Johnny Turner

Kina Daniel Wright

B-Table Phil Newberry / Cilla McQueen